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    Kadu Azevedo

    Good news for the Crewhu community!

    Crewhu already has the ability to authenticate domains for sending NPS campaigns.

    With this functionality, it is possible to add any domain to send NPS campaign emails with greater security and reliability.

    Take a look at the documentation here.

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    Darrell Gibson

    We are having issues with our NPS surveys getting caught in spam filters. Is there a way to get the CrewHu email server to add it to our SPF record? With this we could be able to verify that emails sent on behalf would look legit to the SPF filter.


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    Matt Haynes

    Hi Darrell,

    We are in the same boat unfortunately. A very significant shortcoming of Crewhu. We have spoken to many parties at Crewhu to see if we can get this addressed but nothing has come from it as of yet. No timeline has been given to us.

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    Kadu Azevedo

    Hi Darrell and Matt,

    This is Kadu, from Crewhu's Product Team.

    I bring some good news about this topic! This feature is already in alpha stage and in the next few days it will be possible to authenticate your email sending domains to implement DMARC policies. Don't worry, you will be notified as soon as it is released.

    We are committed to building improvements that help our customers achieve high results and receiving your feedback is very important in this way. We really appreciate it.

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